Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dear TOUCH Sponsors and Donors,

Happy Leap Year Day to each of you.


Often, during our delegation trips to Ukraine, children stick letters or notes in our pockets and say, "Give to my sponsor" or "Please pass this onto my friend in the U.S." When we arrive home and try to sort out the notes, we realize that most of them are in Ukrainian and some of them do not have a name. Such is the case of this poem that was written in Ukrainian on a piece of paper with a drawing of cranes in a nest at the top of the paper. Vita, an exchange student from Uzhgorod, who is living in Philomath, Oregon translated this poem for us and we thought you would enjoy reading it. Since we do not know to whom it was intended, it is for all of you.

By an anonymous child in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

There's a creeping ant.
There's a gushing river.
Don't tear away the chamomile flower,
Don't trample down the grass.
The forest is green,
The nutwood is green.
Look how beautiful our homeland is!
Cranes are flying in the sky.

Speaking of the Fall TOUCH-8 Delegation trip, it is already time to begin making travel arrangements for this event. We are planning to travel to Ukraine for 11-14 days leaving in late September or early October. As always, it will be a great experience, but we have two additional highlights this year. Five young women in Girl Scout Troop 199 will be accompanying the delegation with two of their scout leaders. These girls, who are about 15-16 years of age, have been saving for this trip for the last 5 years and will be meeting the young woman who they sponsor in Ukraine, Anna Yurik. In addition, the Maharimbas, a Marimba band from the Corvallis area, will be traveling to Ukraine and will be playing at City Days in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Our plan is to meet the Maharimbas in Ukraine and enjoy their company and music. The Maharimbas are planning to do a concert for the various programs in The TOUCH Project. We know the TOUCH kids will love the Maharimbas! If you’d like to listen to part of a Maharimba concert from the Corvallis, Oregon Fall Festival in September 2007, click on this YouTube video:

So, if you are thinking about coming, we would like to know as soon as possible. We can get reduced airfare by booking early and as a group. Right now, we are planning to fly the new direct Northwest Airlines flight from Portland, Oregon to Amsterdam, Netherlands and then to Budapest, Hungary. From Budapest, we will take a van to Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Sabra Killen is working with a travel agent. Please email her SOON if you are thinking about coming. Her email is If we book early, the airfare cost will be under $1000 per round trip.


The Corvallis-Uzhgorod Sister Cities Association board recently voted to approve the allocation of $9000 to purchase a new fence at Public School #14 in Uzhgorod. Currently, the playground for the school is unfenced and used as a pathway for the public. This often creates an unsafe environment for the children when some of those public members may be drunk or hostile. The fence will give these children room to play soccer and other sports in a safe location. We thank the C-USCA for this support of Public School #14.


Thanks again for your renewals and donations. We will begin now to work with our program directors in Ukraine to determine what their needs are before our delegation trip in the Fall 2008. Currently, all children in the T OUCH Project have sponsors. This is our goal each year. Thank you! If you know of someone who would like to be a sponsor, we are always accepting sponsors of Public School #14. Donations can be sent to:
P.O. Box 176
Corvallis, OR 97339 (Write TOUCH-PS14 in the memo)


Sara Cropper, a recent college graduate from Ashland, Oregon, is currently in Ukraine volunteering with The T OUCH Project. Sara’s parents, brother, sister-in-law, sister, and brother-in-law are all longtime TOUCH sponsors and she decided that she would like to go to Ukraine and volunteer to work with these children for about 6 weeks. Sara has been busy teaching English to the children at the Chaslivtsi Orphanage, rocking abandoned newborn babies at the Children’s Hospital in Uzhgorod, and visiting the public high schools. We thank Sara for this gift of her time and expenses.


Alice Rampton, Co-Chair The TOUCH Project

Sabra Killen, Co-ChairThe TOUCH Project

Monday, January 7, 2008

Photos from October 2007 TOUCH Delegation Trip to Ukraine

Children from the Rehabilitation Center enjoy
pony rides on a fall afternoon in Uzhgorod.
Photo by Paul Kline

Young girl at the Chaslivtsi Orphanage.
Photo by Paul Kline

Dancers from New Family Center
perform with original choreography.
Photo by Paul Kline

TOUCH Sponsors with teachers and children
from the Chaslivtsi Orphanage embroidery class.
Photo by Paul Kline

Monday, December 31, 2007

Video of Boys at Public School #14

These cute little boys at Public School #14 in Uzhgorod spontaneously broke into this clap dance routine for us during the TOUCH Delegation's visit in October 2007.

Video- Roma Dancing at Public School #14 in Uzhgorod

This video shows students at Public School #14 performing Roma dances for the TOUCH delegation in October 2007. The costumes that are worn by the girls were purchased from donated TOUCH funds. A member of the TOUCH 2006 delegation, Elaine Rea, paid for the new accordian being played by the school's music teacher. The TOUCH Project works in partnership with School #14 to preserve the culture and history of the Roma families associated with this school in Uzhgorod.

TOUCH Project Update - December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007

Dear TOUCH Sponsors and Donors,

Happy New Year to all of you!!

The TOUCH Project is now entering its 8th year of existence. Without our sponsors, the program would not exist. We thank all those sponsors who have renewed. We still have 60 children (out of 286) whose sponsors have not sent in their renewal. We know that some of you will receive this email and go, “Yikes! I forgot to renew and I meant to do so.” We are not going to cut off any of our sponsors who are a day or week late in their renewals. We value your sponsorship too much. So let us know if your sponsorship is “in the mail.” If you are wondering if you are one of those sponsors who have yet to renew, just check the list of paid sponsors and donors at the end of this email (or in the attachment). If your name is NOT on the list, then you have not renewed. The list is arranged alphabetically by sponsors of children in the various programs so scroll through them all. If you are not renewing, please let us know so we can work to reassign your child as quickly as possible. Thanks for your consideration on this matter. Finally, if you are not on the list, but have renewed, please let us know so we can correct the error.

What a way to start the New Year! The TOUCH Project recently received a donation of $10,000 from 2 individuals from Vancouver, Washington who wish to remain anonymous. The donors are friends of Peggy Giles who has traveled several times to Ukraine with The TOUCH Project. We are grateful to Peggy for sharing information about the efforts of The TOUCH Project and we are very grateful to these two very generous individuals.

As we have said before, we work hard to keep our overhead at a minimum. We are reimbursed for stamps and an occasional printer cartridge. No TOUCH funds are used for any expenses related to our travels to Ukraine. We work as volunteers in what has turned out to be a full-time job during much of the year. We have been asked to take the TOUCH model to other cities in Ukraine and our response has been that we want to keep the program manageable and successful. If we expand, we will need to move into a corporate model rather than operating on a volunteer basis and funds will be diverted away from providing direct benefit to the children in The TOUCH Project.

So we appreciate these donations, which allow us to partner with our sponsors and donors to brighten the lives and surroundings of the children in the program. We have amazing sponsors and donors! Many of you have made contributions above and beyond the requested $60 sponsorship fee. As you may remember, Chiara and Emil Dittmer made a $5000 donation in memory of of Martin and Caterina Rathje earlier this fall. Additional major donations, which have come in during December, include:

$1000 for Public School #14 in Uzhgorod from Jim and Joyce Spain of Corvallis, Oregon
$1000 in memory of Alice (Olynyk) Abbey from Lynne Abbey-Lee and Gregory Lee of Lakewood, Colorado
$500 from Franklin Conklin Foundation (Demarest Family)
$500 from Linda Sekermestrovich of Corvallis, Oregon

Thank you for your generosity! As Linda Sekermestrovich once wrote on a note accompanying a past donation, “Go work your magic!” We will do our best to do so with these wonderful contributions.

We just received the Annual Report Forms for the children at the Rehabilitation Center in Uzhgorod in the mail. We try to bring all of these back to the U.S. with us when we return from Ukraine in the fall, but due to a very busy schedule, the Rehab Staff were unable to complete the forms. We now have them in our possession and can send them to the renewed Rehab Center sponsors. Thank you for your patience.

It’s always nice when things work out in a win-win situation. Long time TOUCH supporter Glenn Klein was one of our sponsors this year with an older child who grew up and moved on. He asked if he could pay for someone’s sponsorship this year rather than sponsoring a new child. It came to mind that a nice match for this situation would be Girl Scout Troop 199 who are sponsors of Anna Yurik in Ukraine but who are also trying hard to raise funds for their Fall 2008 trip to Ukraine. Glenn was happy to pay for their sponsorship this year, which saved them money in the fundraising arena. Thank you, Glenn!

Public School #14 Children
Photo by Paul Kline

Remember that first class, airmail letters to Ukraine weighing 1 oz. or less are 90 cents. If you stick bulky items in the letter, the cost will likely go up. Postcards are 90 cents, also.

Katherine shared that her students from School #1 brought Christmas gifts to the children at the Chaslivtsi Orphanage. She wrote, “I am so proud of my students. They went to Chaslivtsi for St. Nicholas Day with so many presents. It was GREAT! Another grade of students at the school bought a DVD player for the Rehabilitation Center.”

We are always grateful and happy when we see connections occurring between the children in The TOUCH Project and the citizens of Uzhgorod.

From the Children, Parents and Staff of MSRC (Medical-Social Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities)

Ira also sent an Internet greeting that can be accessed by clicking on the following or just copy and paste it into your browser’s address box:

Dear TOUCH Sponsors,
On behalf of all sponsored children and organizations, I send you my best wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Wonderful New Year.
With great respect and love,


Alice Rampton, Co-Chair
The TOUCH Project

Sabra Killen, Co-Chair
The TOUCH Project

Corvallis-Uzhgorod Sister Cities Link

The TOUCH Project Renewal 2007-2008
(blue font = payment enroute)

Chaslivtsi Sponsors
(Paid and Renewal Complete-As of December 31, 2007)
Abbey, Lawrence (Flint, MI)- T-147 Andriy Stelma
Bella, David & Cammie (Corvallis, OR)- T-051 Yosip Adam
Bennett, Melanie and David (Portland, OR)- T-149 Ivan Tsilo
Birdsall, Betty (Corvallis, OR)- T-142 Nelly Kanalosh
Block, Alice and John (Corvallis, OR)- T-035 Vasyl Furd
Bober, Pete and Alice (Roseburg, OR)- T-061 Artur Bogar
Borys, Zina (Pottstown, PA)- T-063 Maryana Goga
Bowlby, Vernon & Ruth (Corvallis OR)- T-020 Ivan Horvat
Bracken, Mike, Wendi, Melissa, and Kathy (Corvallis, OR)- T-087 Arthur Bogar
Carter, Glenna (Corvallis, OR)- T-088 Josyp Molnar
Christensen, Ken & Ilse (Corvallis, OR)- T-123 Tomash Demeter
Coleman, Joe & Evie (Silverdale, WA)- T-062 Stepan Lakotosh
Cropper, Taylor & Anne (Provo, Utah)- T-037 Vasyl Kosuru
Davison, Neil & Nadine (Corvallis, OR)- T-057 Richard Balozh
Farrell, John & Dianne (Corvallis, OR)- T-004 Ivan Grindich
Fowler, Joe and Elizabeth (Roberts, MT)- T-091 Rudolph Kosoru
Freeman, Judy & Peter (Corvallis, OR)- T-124 Mikhaylo Lakatosh
French, Nanieve (Philomath, OR)- T-025 Mykola Balog
Giles, Denise (Corvallis, OR)- T-148 Vasyl Tsilo
Girl Scout Troop 199 & Maureen Larson (Philomath, OR)- T-103 Anna Yurik (Glenn Klein donation)
Gleason, Carol (Corvallis, OR)- T-066 Roman Matey
Greene, Judy (Salem, OR)- T-125 Eduard Smolka
Halverson, Kathy & Dick (Pine Springs, MN)-T-038 Tomash Fenesh
Harrington, Dan & Betsy (Corvallis, OR)- T-128 Zoltan Lakatosh
Harris, Clairmonde & Larry (Corvallis, OR)- T-040 Yosip Goga
Hart, Roy & Anne (Corvallis OR)- T-052 Roman Dyorgy
Harvey, Mike (Corvallis, OR)- T-053 Sasha Kitso
Haskins, RJ & Annie (Brattleboro, VT)- T-152 Artur Terpak
Hass-Holcombe, Alan & Aleita (Corvalis OR)- T-011 Ruslan G. Goga
Hay, Jim (Corvallis, OR)- T-050 Ivan Demeter
Hendrick, Dick & Lori (Corvallis, OR)- T-131 Edhar Kondji
Hoff, Joseph (Corvallis, OR)- T-028 Vasyl Habakon
Jackson, Bonnie (Philomath, OR)- T-137 Michaylo Sorokin
Johnson, Chris (Corvallis, OR)- T-148 Vasyl Tsilo
Juntunen, Jim & Judy (Corvallis, OR)- T-122 Ivan Voloshin
Kids Helping Kids- PMS c/o Becki Goslow (Philomath, OR)- T-064 Beyla Hayosh
Kilibarda, Jill and James (Minneapolis, MN)- T-151 Korchi Balint
Lee, Edward, Lisa, Aaron, and Noah (Corvallis, OR)- T-109 Vyacheslav Lengyel
Maier, Bill & Jeanette (Corvallis, OR)- T-054 Rudi Demeter
Marek, Ron & Ann (Corvallis, OR)- T-006 Zyna Goga
Martin, Lorraine (Corvallis, OR)- T-126 Ivan Tejfel
McCarthy, Harriet and Jim (Raleigh, NC)- T-150 Volodmir Bondar
McLean, Cheryl & Brown, Clint (Corvallis, OR)- T-078 Antonina Lakatosh
Merriam, Larry & Katherine (Corvallis OR)- T-017 Andriy Molnar
Miller/Green, Dale, Wanita, Christopher & Maggie (Philomath, OR)- T-056 Artur Dyuri
Nafziger, Chad & Jenny (Aumsville, OR)- T-133 Tetiana Molnar
Olson, Dede & McDowell, Mike (Corvallis, OR)- T-024 Ivan Balog
Peirson, Peggy and Feiman, Evan (Philomath, OR)- T-112 Tomash Horvat
Quale, Fred & Helen (Corvallis, OR)- T-013 Yosyp Surmay
Quarnstrom, Joni (Corvallis OR)- T-065 Beyla Slavita
Ross, Jack & Marnie (Corvallis OR)- T-059 Zoli Molnar
Sever, Steve & Christina (Corvallis, OR)- T-010 Shonyi Kovach
Skubinna, Tammy (Corvallis, OR)- T-100 Nadiya Dyugov
Smart, Bill and Ann (Corvallis, OR)- T-134 Ivan Popovych
Smith, Russ and Beverly (Monroe, OR 97456)- T-138 Margarita Horvat
Spain, Jim & Joyce (Corvallis, OR)- T-143 Olexander Lakatosh
Stebbins, Bob & Monine (Corvallis, OR)- T-039 Kasian Lakatosh
Sundseth, Dan & Karen (Corvallis OR)- T-055 Zoli Horvat
Templeman, Gary and Laura (Corvallis, OR)- T-127 Djula Horvat
Tilles, Doris (Corvallis OR)- T-058 Yura Hayosh
Trow, Cliff & Jo Anne (Corvallis OR)- T-084 Olexandr Horvat
Vars, Charlie & Freda (Corvallis, OR)- T-153 Nadya Hrab
Vela, Lou & Kerri (Corvallis, OR)- T-049 Eduard Demeter
Wickman, James (Corvallis OR)- T-060 Liza Surmaj
Worley, Kip & Eldon (Corvallis, OR)- T-019 Mykola Bogar

New Family Sponsors
(Paid and Renewal Complete- As of December 31, 2007)

Abbey, Lawrence (Flint, MI 48503)- NF-102 Gabriella Rudenko
Adams, Robert & Mary (Corvallis, OR)- NF-070 Vadim Balog
Altrusa Club of Corvallis (Philomath, Oregon )- NF-092 Gabriella Ogurchuk
Baumgartner, Curt & Jan (Corvallis, OR)- NF-091 Eleanora (“Nora”) Ogurchuk
Bildfell, Rob, Rosalind, Kirsten & Connor (Corvallis, OR)- NF-123 Maria Fodor
Boom, Mike, Nancy, Kelli and Katie (Corvallis, OR)- NF-020 Maria Nazarenko
Bryson, Linda and Bill (Aurora, CO)- NF-007 Yuriy Kahanets
Callaway, Karyn & Phil (Philomath, OR )- NF-143 Miroslava Metsek
Carlson, Angela (Corvallis, OR)- NF-033 Helena Mackanych
Clausen, Christine (Corvallis, OR)- NF-152 Edgar Latsko
Cleary, Bert & Suzie (Corvallis, OR)- NF-148 Ivan Petska
Conklin, Dave & Sweeney, Carol (Corvallis, OR)- NF-015 Vadim Harpushkin
Conroy, Judy & Jay (Corvallis, OR)- NF-110 Vladimir Kensitskiy
Cox, Dave & Crystal (Boise, Idaho)- NF-117 Andrij Shomodi
Cropper, Dean & Mary Anne (Ashland, OR)- NF-174 Jan Hopak
Davis, Don & Nancy (Corvallis, OR)- NF-183 Yuriy Malogin
Deszoeke, Judy (Corvallis OR)- NF-187 Serena Kondi
Downing, Suzie (Monroe, Oregon)- NF-188 Gerda Dzyuina
Downing, Suzie (Monroe, Oregon)- NF-049 Viktor Ivanovchyk
Eaton, Nora (Corvallis, OR)- NF-132 Nicoletta Symakina
Eilers, Peter and Kay (Corvallis, OR)- NF-018 Svetlana Navrotska
Epley, Carol (Corvallis, OR)- NF-173 Anastasia Slavets
Fisher, Susan (Corvallis, OR)- NF-100 Christina San’ko
Fister, Loreli (Corvallis, OR)- NF-145 Myron Stehura
Foster, Kate and Dan (Mountain View, CA 94041)- NF-134 Natalia Kost
Fowler, James and Anna (Arlington, VA)- NF-107 Christine Kirlik
Garrett, Rose Ann (Turner, OR)- NF-043 Zhanna Dmitriyeva
Giles, Dennis & Peggy (Corvallis OR)- NF-128 Oleksandra Tymoskho
Giles, Dennis and Peggy (Corvallis, OR)- NF-028 Vitaliy Senyura
Giles, Peggy (Corvallis, OR)- NF-053 Yosip Balog
Girl Scout Troop 142 (Corvallis, OR)- NF-138 Xenya Grigorenko
Halverson, Brad & Anne-Marie (Lake Orion, Michigan)- NF-165 Vera Varadi
Halverson, Ryan & Anna (Raleigh, NC)- NF-153 Bogdan Svida
Hay, Jim (Corvallis, OR)- NF-149 Alexander Petska
Heder, Jim & Helen (Salem, OR)- NF-170 Nazariy Basov
Hendrix, Guy & Evelyne (Corvallis, OR)- NF-011 Olexandra Esartiya
Holcomb, Billie (Corvallis, OR)- NF-050 Nicoleta Pauleek
Holcomb, Billie (Corvallis, Oregon)- NF-093 Emma Ogurchuk
Holdgrafer, Victoria (Corvallis, OR)- NF-026 Svitlana Tegza
Hough, Pam (Corvallis, OR)- NF-052 Diana Kovashi
Inman, Tim & Kachina (Portland, OR)- NF-156 Aleksei Belyaev
Jessee, Alloa and Scott (Corvallis, OR)- NF-184 Tatiana Putnoki
Johnson, Linda (Mt. View, CA)- NF-120 Alexandra Malevskaya
Keller, Sue and George (Corvallis OR)- NF-068 Vladimir Dano
Kitz, Evelyn (Keene, New Hampshire)- NF-084 Volodya Shelever
Kiwanis Sunrisers Club c/o Milt Donelson (Corvallis, OR)- NF-063 Dzhozefina Dency
Kline, Paul and Mercedes (Gaithersburg, MD)- NF-141 Milan Benyak
Knutson, Eric and Pat (Corvallis, OR)- NF-051 Anton Krasovskiy
Krane, Paula and Ken (Corvallis, OR)- NF-139 Roman Sika
Lahey, Scott & Laura (Springfield, OR)- NF-144 Ksenia Baltanyazeva
Lee, Edward, Lisa, Aaron, and Noah (Corvallis, OR)- NF-022 Yevgen Bukov
Leishman, Steve and Cathy (Corvallis, OR)- NF-008 Zhenna Ishtrani
Leishman, Steve and Cathy (Corvallis, Oregon )- NF-080 Vitaliy Dano
Lewis, Jan & Justin (Corvallis, OR)- NF-067 Lesya Dzyamko
Liddell, Lorin (Philomath, OR)- NF-035 Yana Zaytseva
Lofgren, Els (Corvallis, OR)- NF-004 Lada Bedrik
London, Joan (Danville, CA)- NF-189 Timea Hegyfalvi
Maki, Len and Judy (Corvallis, OR)- NF-012 Artur Treschak
Mariner, Sue (Corvallis OR)- NF-108 Nadia Kovach
McCann, Sanny (Corvallis, OR)- NF-172 Natalia Slavets
Nelson, Charles & Jean (Corvallis, OR)- NF-177 Anna Gubanova
Nelson, Jared & Beth (Corvallis, OR)- NF-097 Yurij Margitich
Norman & Dixi Hall, Judy (Salt Lake City, UT)- NF-167 Alexander Varadi
Northside Church Sunday School Class (Corvallis, OR)- NF-024 Lesya Dubanitch
Oefelein, Ken, Sharon, and Travis (Corvallis, Oregon)- NF-039 Olexandra Matykovska
Palagyi, Addy (Salem, OR)- NF-001 Zinaida (“Zina”) Kuricyna
Palagyi, Addy (Salem, OR)- NF-178 Viktor V. Gubanov
Patton, Diane (Philomath, OR)- NF-021 Natalia Lutsa
Pearson, George & Margot (Corvallis, OR)- NF-176 Dima Ogurchak
Peck, Karen (Orem, Utah)- NF-171 Oleksandr Kovalsky
Phillips, Todd & Meta (Avon, Ohio)- NF-030 Olga Puravets
Pliskin, Les, Nancy, and Ben (Corvallis, Oregon 97330)- NF-114 Aryem Sver
Rackham, Robert & Marge (Corvallis, OR)- NF-081 Marianna Mygoly
Rackham-King, Sharon (Portland, Oregon)- NF-064 Zhanna Mygoly
Rampton, Dorothea (Corvallis, OR)- NF-003 Stepan Halushka
Rampton, Marcus & Rebecca (San Antonio, TX)- NF-175 Veronika Hopak
Rea, Elaine & Bill (Portland, OR)- NF-154 Vladislav Keveshligeti
Read, Bob & Gale (Corvallis, OR)- NF-034 Nikoletta Shytev
Read, Bob and Gale (Corvallis, OR)- NF-135 Denis Dobrianski
Roland, Leon & Marilyn (Corvallis, OR)- NF-179 Yulia Zahvatova
Schultz, Michelle & Dennis (Corvallis, OR)- NF-185 Mykola Putnoki
Seely, Averil (Corvallis OR)- NF-161 Inna Sirokhman
Sherry, Tom & Annie (Corvallis, OR)- NF-048 Jessica Shponko
Shively, Tanya and Stan (Philomath, OR )- NF-017 Karina Bodar
Strowbridge, Eleanor (Corvallis, OR)- NF-071 Igor Sadvariy
Students for World Awareness- CVHS (Corvallis OR)- NF-125 Viktoria Varodi
Summerton, Pat (Corvallis, OR)- NF-105 Victoria Kovchar
Sweeney, Glen & Melinda (Corvallis, OR)- NF-111 Alla Bogra
Sweeney, Glen & Melinda (Corvallis, OR)- NF-112 Andre Kedulich
Tallis, Jan (Corvallis, OR)- NF-029 Vasya Dutkin
Throop, Janet (Corvallis, OR)- NF-025 Svitlana Kurtanych
Tomlinson, Mayor Charlie (Corvallis, OR)- NF-164 Angela Mashakada
Toney, Anita (Corvallis, OR)- NF-095 Alexander Dendeshi
Trow, Cliff and Jo Anne (Corvallis, OR)- NF-119 Olexander Martimyanov
Veniot, Janis (Modesto, CA)- NF-115 Snizhana Kravchenko
Vining, Nita (Salem, OR)- NF-009 Alina Temnikova
Weidner, Naomi (Albany, OR)- NF-036 Daniella Shushanina
Wood, Kendall & Lenore (Corvallis, OR)- NF-104 Ruslan Revta

Rehabilitation Center Sponsors
(Paid and Renewal Complete- As of December 31, 2007)
Ballard, Jim & Nancye (Corvallis, OR)- RC-017 Viktoria Lysyuk
Ballard, Jim & Nancye (Corvallis, OR)- RC-057 Olexander Yatsina
Barth, Barbara (Almont, North Dakota)- RC-047 Eugene Fedorka
Boudreaux, Les and Barb (Corvallis, OR)- RC-001 Lidia Blishkosh
Brashnyk, Paul (Seattle, WA )- RC-014 Slavik Kulikov
Coleman, Joe, Evie, Ellie, Izzy, & Maggie (Silverdale, WA)- RC-004 Diana Giryavec
Egbert, Sara & Rob (Seattle, WA)- RC-052 Anton Bovdi
Finch, Heather (Stayton, OR)- RC-043 Adelina Koba
Finch, Heather (Stayton, OR)- RC-054 Isabella Miroshnichenko
Foster, Ernie & Julie (Corvallis, OR)- RC-039 Vasya Bychynchyk
Fowler, Joe and Elizabeth (Roberts, MT)- RC-007 Olexandr Dyuryk
Fox, Maureen (Vancouver, WA)- RC-027 Ihor Smolyak
Freeman, Mark & Lisa (Corvallis, OR)- RC-030 Viktoria Haustova
Gleason, Carol (Corvallis, Oregon)- RC-056 Andriy Vuksta
Halverson, Lisa & Taylor (Palo Alto, CA)- RC-046 Nazariy Apostol
Halverson, Kathy & Dick (Pine Springs, MN)- RC-041 Vasyly Chaplynets
Harper, Steve & Terri (Corvallis, OR)- RC-022 Vasyly Miryavchik
Haskins, RJ & Annie (Brattleboro, VT)- RC-060 Ivan Hryndych
Hough, Pam (Corvallis, OR)- RC-035 Yurij Shulevka
Jaworsky, Pat (Scio, OR)- RC-038 Valerij Fizer
Jordan, Jess & Eralee (Bend, OR)- RC-021 Jarmila Kepaza
Kiwanis- Western Hills (Corvallis, OR)- RC-013 Oxana Kropoyvnicka
Martin, Jim & Bonnie (Corvallis OR)- RC-051 Daniella Shyrohman
McCann, Curt and Patricia (Corvallis, OR)- RC-034 Valentina Kuzovych
McCann, Sanny & Epley, Carol (Corvallis, OR)- RC-059 Mykola Kryvka
McNamara, Marion (Corvallis OR)- RC-003 Gabriela Bajvelyman
Modrell, Linda (Philomath, OR)- RC-002 Marianna Bahrij
Norman, Pat (Salem, OR)- RC-058 Vadya Ester
Roberts, Mike & Dana (Eagle, ID)- RC-010 Tomash Zahenski
Shumway, Dale and Cherie (Blanding, UT)- RC-050 Nadia Slyhan
Smith, Nancy (Corvallis, OR)- RC-018 Roman Markanych
Stonecipher, Linda (Monmouth, OR)- RC-029 Roxolana Treschak
Tomlinson, Charlie & Maria (Corvallis, OR)- RC-015 Vitalij Lyzanec
White, Joy (South Beach, OR)- RC-031 Yana Chuvan

Pavlovo Farm Home
(Paid and Renewal Complete- As of December 31, 2007)

Babbel, Robert & Michelle (Corvallis OR)- VTP-008 Maria Semen
Boom, Mike and Nancy (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-010 Alla Marynets
Davis, Peg (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-011 Marianna Kurta
Juntunen, Jim & Judy (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-099 Yulia Matey
Killen, Randy and Sabra (Camas, WA)- VTP-003 Katya Boshodi
Killen, Randy and Sabra (Camas, WA)- VTP-007 Svetlana Bohar
Rampton, Mark and Alice (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-046 Katya Pop
Rampton, Mark and Alice (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-048 Ludvig Olah
Sobodtka, Roberta (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-104 Anzhela Forkosh
Spain, Jim & Joyce (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-009 Natalka Birchyk
Summerton, Pat (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-002 Anshela Murzha
Summerton, Pat (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-004 Tzaura Rostash
Summerton, Pat (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-005 Viktoria Kosora
Tomlinson, Charlie & Maria (Corvallis, OR)- VTP-012 Alla Kurta
Zauner, Betty (Portland, Oregon)- VTP-033 Irina Amit

General Donations
(As of December 31, 2007)

Abbey-Lee, Lynne (in Memory of Alice Abbey)
Andrus, Daniel
Appleby, Arnold and Gerry
Babbel, Michelle and Bob
Barth, Barbara
Bella, Cammi and Dave
Boudreaux, Les and Barb
Bowlby, Ruth and Vern
Bracken, Wendy and Mike
Breckenridge, Susan
Brown, Clint
Bryson, Linda and Bill
Carlson, Angela
Christensen, Ken and Ilse
Clausen, Christine
Croft, Candy
Cropper, Taylor and Anne
Davison, Nadine and Neil
Dayton, Irving and Jean
Dittmer, Emil and Chiara (in Memory of Martin and Caterina Rathje)
Eilers, Peter and Kay
Epley, Carol
Farrell, John and Dianne
Fisher, Susan
Franklin Conklin Foundation
French, Nan
Giles, Peggy and Dennis
Greene, Judy
Harper, Terri and Steve
Heder, Jim and Helen
Jordan, Jess and Eralee
Kilibarda, Jill and James
Kitz, Evelyn
Klein, Glenn
Kline, Paul and Mercedes
Krane, Paula and Ken
Lee, Gregory (in Memory of Alice Abbey)
Lee, Ed, Lisa, Aaron, and Noah
Leishman, Steve and Cathy
London, Joan
Marek, Ron and Ann
Mariner, Sue
Martin, Bonnie and Jim
Martin, Jeff
Martin, Lorraine
McCann, Curt and Patricia
McCarthy, Harriet and Jim
McLean, Cheryl
Mellow, Mark
Mumaw, Catherine
Nelson, Jean and Charles
Palagyi, Addy
Patton, Diane
Peterson, Dr. Jan
Quale, Fred and Helen
Rampton, Dorothea
Rampton, Marcus and Rebecca
Rampton, Mark and Alice
Read, Bob and Gale
Roland, Leon and Marilyn
Ross, Jack and Marnie
Rung, Skip and Laura
Seely, Averil
Sekermestrovich, Linda
Sherry, Tom and Annie
Skubinna, Tammy
Stonecipher, Linda
Templeman, Gary and Laura
Tilles, Doris
Vining, Nita
Willes, Clark and Aileen
Withrow-Robinson, Brad & Tina
Wood, Lenore and Kendall
Worley, Kip and Eldon
Zauner, Betty

Public School #14 Supporters
(As of December 31, 2007)

Abbey, Ken and Susan
Adamson, Michael
Ashdown, Paul and Marie
Block, John and Alice
Boom, Mike and Nancy
Carter, Glenna
Chambers, Kenton and Henrietta
Coolican, Pat
Cox, Dave and Crystal
Davison, Nadine and Neil
Dayton, Irving and Jean
Deszoeke, Judy
Farrell, John and Dianne
Feiman, Evan
Finch, Heather
Fisher, Susan
Fister, Loreli
Foster, Katie and Dan
Freeman, Judy and Peter
Giles, Peggy and Dennis
Greene, Judy
Hall, Dixi
Halverson, Dick and Kathy
Harper, Terri and Steve
Holdgrafer, Vickie
Juntunen, Judy and Jim
Klein, Glenn
Lofgren, Els
Maier, Bill and Jeanette
Martin, Bonnie and Jim
Merrill, Susan
Mumaw, Catherine
Norman, Judith
Norman, Pat
Peirson, Peggy
Rampton, Mark and Alice
Rea, Bill and Elaine
Read, Bob and Gale
Reynolds, Neil and Cherie
Rycraft, Erin
Skinner, Dianne
Smith, Beverly and Russ
Snelling, John & Mary Dean
Spain, Jim and Joyce
Stebbins, Monine and Bob
Swain, Barbara
Tallis, Jan
Throop, Janet
Trow, Cliff and Jo Anne
Vomocil, Marc and Sally
Weaver, Roger
Withrow-Robinson, Brad & Tina
Worley, Kip and Eldon

Summer Camp Supporters
(As of December 31, 2007)

Block, John and Alice
Bracken, Mike and Wendy
Carter, Glenna
Cox, Crystal and Dave
Davison, Nadine and Neil
Dayton, Irving and Jean
Farrell, John and Dianne
Fisher, Susan
Fox, Maureen
Greenberry Bunco Babes
Greene, Judy
Hall, Dixi
Harper, Terri and Steve
Hart, Roy and Anne
Leishman, Cathy and Steve
Maier, Bill and Jeanette
Martin, Bonnie and Jim
McDowell, Mike
Norman, Judith
Oefelein, Ken and Sharon
Olson, Dede
Rackham, Bob and Margie
Rampton, Mark and Alice
Roland, Marilyn and Leon
Skubinna, Tammy
Stebbins, Monine and Bob
Throop, Janet
Tilles, Doris
Trow, Jo Anne and Cliff
Vomocil, Marc and Sally
Withrow-Robinson, Brad & Tina
Worley, Kip and Eldon

Waiting List of Sponsors
De Maio, Mike and Ruth
Emmett, Dean
Evenson, Sydney
Fahlbusch, Pat
Luis Ordorica
McInerney, Kelly
Richardson, Joshua and Kelly
Sjostrand, Suzanne
Smith, Pete
Terrones, Abigail
Vela, Luis and Kerri
Vining, Chuck
Wagner, Jocelyn and Mark
Wogaman, Tom and Mariol
Lowe, Dianne
Walter, Mel